• Island of Hvar, Dalmatia, Croatia

    Hvar is also known as Croatian Madeira offering diverse experience both below and above water. It belongs to the Central Dalmatian archipelago.

  • Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Dubrovnik is well known for its beautiful Old Town and massive stone walls completed in 16th century. Paved with limestone and amazing Placa lined with shops and restaurants.

  • Well Known Italian Cities of Rome, Venice and Florence

    Italy is home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. Place of art, monuments, museums and fountains. Great cities like Rome, Venice and Florence are world famous.

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With huge number of amazing sights that you should visit, Italy is one of the countries that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. More than 40 million tourists a year can't be wrong.


Slovenia is a green country that has much to offer. From Ljubljana Castle, Lake Bled, Postojna Cave, Portoroz Beach and Julian Alps.


Croatian beaches are in most part rocky (about %75). Other beaches are mostly pebbled. You can find beaches for familly, romance, hidden and naturalist beaches.


Montenegro is one of the most gorgeous countries that you can visit. Unspoiled nature, great heritage sights are must for visit.

Breathtaking Sights

Montenegro, Gem of Adriatic Sea

With Kotor, that was number one Travel City in 2016, and many other places like Porto Montenegro, St Stephen, Perast, etc. Montenegro is place that you need to visit.

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Montenegro is a very small country so a week is a long time touring the country. Id stick with the coast road from Dubrovnik stopping off in Herceg Novi, Perast and then stay a couple of days in beautiful kotor. Then head down the coast to Budva heading inland to Cetinje which is about an hour from Budva (Visit the monastary there). From there it's not far to the capital Podgorica (a trip to 'Pod valet' restaurant is a must), and stay for a night or two. The drive is spectacular.

Hannah Tracy United States

Last year we stayed in Razanj for 4 nights, then Pucisca (Brac) for 5 nights then finished off holiday in Split (5 nights). We loved Razanj because of how beautiful it was and not to touristy with great places to swim. Same with Pucisca it was amazing with nice quiet restaurants. Split was too much like a city with the hussle and bustle that we get back home. I’m going to be booking places through Airbnb soon, we want to visit Dubrovnik to see the tourist stuff but want the beautiful views, quiet life with nice clear waters to swim and take it easy.

Kevin Smith United Kingdom

Bovec is generally seen as the adventure sports "capital". Most water activities such as kayaking or rafting are held on the stretch of river between Bovec and Kobarid, though. However, since you'll have a car and given the short distances among the different towns and villages in that part of the valley, anywhere between Tolmin and Bovec will do, really. You'll have nearby easy hiking options regardless of where you'll be staying.

Susan Webb California, US

Venice is very special and feels very safe ( take usual precautions against leaving things behind !). If the centre is busy, use your pass to escape the crowds and explore as far as the boat will take you. The gems are spread over the entire lagoon so don't be afraid to leave the centre ( exotic and wonderful though it is).

Pauline Brown United Kindgdom

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